• Photoluminescent granules for EPDM Playground

    Photoluminescent granules for EPDM Playground

    The special plastic granules for EPDM runway are a new product developed by our company according to the current market requirements for rubber runway and the wide application of long afterglow luminous products. The products not only have the performance of conventional EPDM particles, but also have the characteristics of luminescence. This product can last for 3 ~ 10 hours after absorbing light for 5~15 minutes. It beautifies the environment and adds a warm and quiet atmosphere to the runway stadium at night. Moreover, it can continuously light up in the case of sudden power failure and no electric lights, and can play the role of safety guidance and emergency evacuation. It has stable performance, strong compatibility and good luminous effect. It adds new selling points to conventional runway products and brings unlimited business opportunities and unlimited business value.


    Materials: TPU+ Photoluminescent pigment
    Aluminium Strontium luminescent powder + elastic polyurethane
    Particles size: 2~4mm
    Density :1.3~1.5
    Weather resistance:5~8year
    luminescent data:
    10min >400mcd/㎡,
    60min >50mcd/㎡。
    According DIN 67510-1, D65 light ,1000LX, exiting: 10min
    Packing: 25kg/kraft bag
    Products grade and item code:

    TPU-30L: Photoluminescent contents: 30%
    TPU-40M Photoluminescent contents: 40%
    TPU-50G Photoluminescent contents: 50%

    product Features:
    1, Continuous luminescence after light absorption: luminous color: yellow green light, blue-green light, sky blue light
    2, Widely used: can use all kinds of venues: kindergarten; School lawn, stadium runway, interior decoration, garden design, square, fitness field, production workshop and so on

    Note: As the product is made of polyurethane, we recommend you to use polyurethane EPDM adhesive as binder. It is also recommended to resist ultraviolet rays and prevent yellowing.
  • luminescent fire emergency evacuation plan

    luminescent fire emergency evacuation plan

    The luminescent fire emergency evacuation plan is usually printed by our company's luminous film, luminescent plate or luminous metal plate, which can be printed according to the actual needs. Our materials have good luminous brightness, easy to print, not easy to fade and flame retardant. It can also provide indication function without power supply in emergency, which is green and environmental protection.
  • Customized luminescent anti slip stair strip

    Customized luminescent anti slip stair strip

    Long afterglow anti-skid strip is specially designed and manufactured for you. The product not only plays a conventional anti-skid and decorative function, but also points out the way to survive in an emergency. The production process is advanced, environmental protection, fireproof and antiskid, and the paint surface is durable and does not fall off. Meet relevant quality requirements.
  • Luminous Sign

    Luminous Sign

    Luminescent signs Illuminate the way to safety
    During a fire, smoke or blackout crisis, the most familiar surroundings become
    confusing and treacherous to fleeing building occupants. The paramount goal during an emergency is to move occupants from danger to safety in an orderly manner. Providing a clearly visible path of egress is vital to avoiding panic and preventing casualties.
  • Subway Evacuation Nails

    Subway Evacuation Nails

    Subway Evacuation Nails Material requirements for fire evacuation signs (1) Adopt 3mm national standard 304 × grade stainless steel plate, stainless steel metallurgy high temperature and high pressure one-time forming. The surface image and text are stamped and sunk, and the shade is coated with light storing materials. (2) The light storage material shall be long afterglow material, which can still self illuminate when its surface illumination disappears or decreases. The self luminous ...
  • Luminous Stair Nosing

    Luminous Stair Nosing

    Luminous Stair Nosing Characters & specifications: 1, glow in the dark for more than 6 hours, can be the guide to show the safe place after sudden electronic power off. 2, For protecting the edges of steps and handrails 3, coudl be fixed by screws, strength and stroger than adhesive only. 4, various surface treatments and colour available for your choice: Anodized and luster surface and polishing or sand-blasted surface etc. 5, difference Heigh Length and according to customer drawin...
  • Photoluminescent Exit Signs

    Photoluminescent Exit Signs

    Self-Luminous sign Specification and reference size Reference standard code: DIN67510 Part I & IV  New York CityBuilding Code Reference Standards RS 6-1 and RS 6-1A  Washability – ASTM D 4828 Toxicity – SMP 800-C Radioactivity – ASTM D 3648  Flame Spread ASTM D635 Intensity and decay time  Materials: photoluminescent pigment  Basic Board: aluminum board 1mm thickness  Luminance :  Luminance  after 10 min.:  270Mcd/m2 Luminance  after 60 min. :13Mcd/m2   Decay time:  18...
  • Photoluminescent Exit Signs

    Photoluminescent Exit Signs

    Luminous signs and pathway markers glow clearly in total darkness and illuminate the evacuation route when the egress pathway is darkened or obscured. System components activate and glow automatically when the lights go out and function free of any human, mechanical or electrical intervention even if all electric and battery power sources fail.
  • Luminescent Antislip Strips

    Luminescent Antislip Strips

    Aluminum antislip glow in the dark stair strips Our newly design and produced Aluminum antislip strips can glow in the dark after aborb the light, safe, wonderful and guide you to safe place at emergency Features Different L shape aluminum base with a bevel side for easy transition. The rough surface is inserted with carborundum grit strips AND luminous grit, Non-slip and glowing in the dark It is installed indoor or outside of buildings once the constr...
  • Floor embedded luminescent evacuation sign / luminescent Luminescent glaze tile for emergency escape

    Floor embedded luminescent evacuation sign / luminescent Luminescent glaze tile for emergency escape

    Luminous ceramic tile is a professional luminous product which can be used as the safety identifications and the building decorations. The application of different area can be on the wall, floor, stairs and a work of art in gallery. Many of our luminous ceramic also fit for building which combined the traditional working process with the contemporary technology. They display the effect of a lasting glow, antiseptic, durable, and chemical stability. After absorb some visible light like direct sun light for about 30 minutes, and glow spontaneously for 8 hours ~ 12hours. the products are not only the decoration purpose but it is the safety consideration also.

    1, Single glowing ceramic tile

    2, Basso-relievo with mixture glowing picture

    3, Mixture glowing ceramic tile

    4, Exit sign for wall or floor mounted

    The Characteristics and Application of Photo Luminescent Ceramics Tiles

    1)Photo luminescent ceramics Tiles are produced by adding photo luminescent pigment in the producing process of common ceramics and glass. Compared to the common ceramics and glass, the products can glow in the dark after absorb the visible lights, which make ceramics and glass use more widely.
    2) The material of the photo luminescent ceramics can absorb various visible lights until saturated, then can glow in the dark constantly, unlimited recycle use with a long time after-glow, high lights, which is ten times brightly of the traditional luminescent material. The material is free from radioactivity, nontoxic and harmless.
    3) The low bright emergency lighting can guide people evacuate orderly under emergency and reduce confusion other than energy-saving.
    4) The application of photo luminescent ceramics in the domestic houses and public buildings can not only decorate and beauty the houses and working environment, but also can bring more conveniences to residents with its glow in the dark.
    5) Photo luminescent ceramics can release a certain length light wave, which can restrain some kinds of mildews and diseases. This characteristic meets the fashionable and healthy living ideology for modern people by application of the products into kitchen and bath room.
    6) Photo luminescent ceramics are corrosive-proof, friction resistance, fire retardant, aging resistance and free from radioactivity compared with other organic luminescent materials, which make it widely use in domestic houses and public buildings.

    Main Specification

    Name Luminous tile without drawing
    Type Wall or floor decoration glwo time without drawing
    Size popular 15x25, 30x30, 15x30,45x20cm etc. Max size60. (Unit cm)
    Glowing color Single color or Mix color
    Day time color white with slight yellow
    Available glow color Yellow-green or blue-green or sky-blue
    Tile thickness 10mm~13cm
    Glow layer thickness 2mm - 3mm
    Luminance according to DIN67510 Part 1
    Packing: Polystyrene foam box And pallet

    Luminous tile with drawing is designed for our clients, it's made for wall decoration,floor decoration or special cube or night bar decoration etc., espacially We can specify production according to different national culture

  • luminescent stair nosing luminous stair handrail

    luminescent stair nosing luminous stair handrail

    luminescent stair nosing luminous stair handrail Customized production, optional materials, more suitable for your luminous project In case of emergency or sudden power failure, the stair handrail can also point out a way of life for escape. It can provide excellent decoration for stairs, assist pedestrians, protect the elderly, the weak, the sick and the young; it is more suitable for hospital corridors and stairs. Can decorate stairs, play beautiful and practical It is suitable for hos...