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  • Application of self luminous materials in landscape roads and footpaths

    Dezhou Grand luminous Technology Co., Ltd 2022-3-30 With the progress of science and technology, the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the urban environment is constantly beautifying to some extent. When the twilight falls, take off your fatigue and walk with your family on the night light dotted with bright night light, so that you can better experience the most romantic visual feast of stepping on the Milky way dream starry sky. This is the appli...

  • Luminous EPDM particles for runway have been successfully marketed

    Photoluminescent granules for EPDM Playground The special plastic granules for EPDM runway are a new product developed by our company according to the current market requirements for rubber runway and the wide application of long afterglow luminous products. The products not only have the performance of conventional EPDM particles, but also have the characteristics of luminescence. This product can last for 3 ~ 10 hours after absorbing light for 5~15 minutes. It beautifies the environment and...

  • Congratulations on the successful of the photoluminescent project, wish luminous industry is booming!

    Today is the first working day after the Chinese New Year in 2022. Congratulations on getting rich and starting work of glow in the dark products! I hope our luminescent business will prosper and expand in 2022!