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  • Why Choose luminescent masterbatch instead of luminescent pigment ?

    Why Choose Glow in the dark masterbatch instead of luminous powder?   The specific gravity of luminous powder is much higher, it will settle if mix with resin directly. It easily have friction during the injection process so that make product turn black. Masterbatch have better compatibility because of the same carrier of exclusive luminous   masterbatch and plasctic product. Glow in the dark masterbatch have better dispersity and coloring power. Luminous powder has...

  • Grand Luminous – your best choice to purchase luminescent materials in China

    Grand Luminous Technology —your best choice to purchase luminescent materials in China 1. We focus on luminous materials only. We have more than 15 years of professional experience on luminous materials. We have skills in luminous materials. Our strengths are also luminous materials: Photoluminescent pigment Luminescent master batch Glow stones Luminous pvc rigid board Luminous films and tapes Photoluminescent exit signs Luminous jade & materials Glow in the dark polyester yarn Lum...

  • New product launch: Self luminous pebbles

    New product launch: Self luminous pebbles The new resin process is light-emitting pebble with round shape, higher brightness, non-toxic, harmless and non radioactive, Can be used: indoor and outdoor landscape, flowerpot, fountain, private villa, courtyard flower pool, fish pool landscape, music fountain, sales office, experience store, display mosaic, office entrance, neon lighting spots. Mixed with ordinary pebbles, The brightness is better and the color is more gorgeous